"An Indian civil society organization striving for gender justice through women's empowerment and policy advocacy interventions"

Social Sector

  • 1) Social Counselling and Legal Aid services:
  • 2) Designing programs and projects from gender lens
  • 3) Training of organizational teams on engendering disaster management
  • 4) Gender sensitization of GO and NGO officials and staff

The survivors can contact us by sending letter, phone call or through mail or through this website mentioning problem faced by you. Our Social Workers and or Counselors will get in touch with you. The registration of your case can be done by filling up a form. The Case Form can be downloaded here. We accept Marathi and English application forms and can be downloaded here. (SAK Website Docs\Stree Aadhar Kendra Case Application Form Marathi.PDF / SAK Website Docs\Stree Aadhar Kendra Case Application Form English.docx)

In case survivors have filed FIR (First Information Report) with police about your case then please send the copy of the same (Xerox/scanned) to us while submitting your case application form.

To file a case application with Stree Aadhar Kendra please send your information in the following

Fill up and Application Form

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