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Books on Gender, VAW, GRB

Following books are available at SAK's central office library as a resource / reference material on gender and women's empowerment issues:

Sr. No. Photo with Year Title of Book/Magazine Author Theme/Focus
1. 1991 1993 Purva – Mulinchya Adhikarachi (Purva – rights of girl children) (Two editions) Dr. Neelam Gorhe, Viddhyut Bhagvat and Leelavati Bhagwat On the background of SAARC declaring 1991 to 2000 – The Girl Child Decade SAK published a book in 1991 and second edition in 1993 on how to address needs and issues of girl children and need and importance of constructive dialogue with girl children for their holistic development with boys.
2. 1994 Mahilasambhdi Dhoran (1994) – Swayamsidhatekade Vatchal) Dr. Neelam Gorhe An overview of Maharashtra State' (India) Women's Development Policy various policies concerning women's development highlighting progressive nature of programs and schemes adopted by the state government for development of women.
3. 2002 Vikasachi Ekaki Vatchal – A lonely path to development Stree Aadhar Kendra English and Marathi Versions of books are available. The book explains the sufferings of widows and women affected after 1993 Maharashtra (Marathwada) Earthquake and their struggle to safeguard their assets (house and land) from the clutches of selfish antisocial elements and relatives in men dominating Marathwada society and standing at their own by developing their lands in the village.
4. 1193 Girl Child in Oblivion; Stree Aadhar Kendra The book was taken out on the background of increasing cases of abuse of girl children and poverty. It narrates the stories of girls living a life of threats and insecurity and also provides various possibilities of rehabilitating them and laws available for their safety and security.
5. 1993 Striyancha Nirnay Prakiyet Sahbhag ((Women In Decision Making) Stree Aadhar Kendra The book is written on the background of 33% reservations for women in local self governing bodies and their rights to decide their own development programs and for the village that they represent.
6. 2002 The legal status of women in Maharashtra – a study. National Women's Commission (nwc) and Stree Aadhar Kendra This book gives status report on the number of cases waiting for hearing and decisions/orders in the court of law in Aurangabad, Pune, Lok Adalat and Family courts in two cities and highlights the time taken by legal machinery in deciding the fate of cases of VAW in courts and the amount of agony and harassment women have to undergo alongside facing VAW.
7. 1995 Mahila Mandal Margdarshak Dr. Neelam Gorhe A booklet giving guidelines to women's groups to form women's registered associations, its benefits and available government programs and schemes for them through association.
8. 2007 Koutumbik Hinchar Virodhi Kayada 2005 Dr. Neelam Gorhe A book narrates the background of enactment of Domestic Violence Act 2005 and provisions for giving relief and justice to women victims of domestic violence. A very useful reference material for women's groups, counselor and women's activists.

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