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List of Publications

Priced Books SAK worked closely with UN System organizations, Oxfam and other donors to publish a number of educational and informative books on laws related women, gender justice concepts to help NGOs, social and women activists A photo of the book's front page is to be presented with following description:

Sr. No. Photo with Year Title of Book/Magazine Author Theme/Focus
1. 1993, 1996, 2003 Striya V Kayada (Women and Laws) (3 editions) Dr. Neelam Gorhe, Founder Chairperson of Stree Aadhar Kendra, Pune, India Detailed information on acts and policies narrating appropriate sections protecting rights of women. An useful reference material for NGOs, women activists and social and legal counselors
2. 1993 Sharirachi Olakh (Introduction to physical and psychological human body) Stree Aadhar Kendra Publication; Understand the human body from the health and personal hygiene perspectives. A good educational and health awareness material for adolescent girls and women.
3. 2001 Navya Shatkasathi – Mahila Dhorne v Amallbajavni; Dr. Neelam Gorhe An overview of Institutional Mechanisms of state to implement programs and schemes for women's development policy (1994)
4. 1998, 2000, 2005 Anyaygrast Mahilanch Maitrin (Marathi Two editions) Piditgrast Mahilaonki Saheli (Hindi) Dr. Neelam Gorhe Book emphases the need of women in distress and VAW to come forward and report violence faced by them, avail government benefits as woman in distress.
5. 2006 Bhintimagach Aakrosh (Mahilanchi Anaitik Vyapar) ( Marathi Edition) Wail Behind The Wall (Immoral Trafficking of Women) (English Edition) Dr. Neelam Gorhe A book on conditions of women trafficked and forced in prostitution. The situation in which women are trafficked and need of stopping the same by enforcing legal means, community awareness and addressing poverty at source of the trafficking.
6. 2003 Striya Saman Bhagidar (Mahilavirodhi Bhedbhav Ucchatan Vishayak Jagtik Karar – CEDAW Treaty) Stree Aadhar Kendra A book giving information on UN announced treaty namely Convention on The Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) which was passed in 1979 by UN General Assembly. The Convention defines what constitutes discrimination against women and sets up an agenda for national action to end such discrimination. The book translates the convention contents in simple Marathi in SAK's attempt of reaching the international processes on women' development to grassroots women's groups, civil society and activists.
7. 2003 Jagtik Mahila Andolanacha Vedh 2003 -2004 Edited by Dr. Neelam Gorhe A booklet narrating various worldwide campaigns on demanding gender justice and progressive laws for women to end violence against them.
8. 2004 Stree – Purush Samanata Margdarshak Dr. Neelam Gorhe A booklet giving basic priniciples of gender justice and ways and means of incorporating the same in day to day life. A very useful guiding and reference material for all those involved in promoting gender equality in society.
9.; 2005. 2009 Stree – Purush Samanata – Police Margdarshak (Two editions) Stree Aadhar Kendra A book specially designed for the use of police personnel who primarily deal with the cases of violence against women. The book sensitizes police force on his instrumental role in giving legal justice to victims of violence. At the end of the book the chapter asks police to raise some questions for himself whether he has acted as per his professional duties and self consciousness in hearing the case of woman victim and whether his act is going to give relief and justice to her. The book has been widely used by police and SAK in police workshops in sensitizing them on gender issues.

P.S. The above books are available at its central office at Pune and token amount will be charged in the form donation and postage if to be sent outside the Pune. On an average the book costs Rs. 100 to 200 ((USD 4 to 5). Shipping charges extra.

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